AC Replacement in Buford, GA

AC Replacement in Buford, Gainesville, Braselton, GA and Surrounding Areas

AC Replacement in Buford, GAAir conditioners are known to have a long service life. These units are usually a good investment as they can easily last ten years or more. However, there will eventually come a time when owners must replace them with something new. Knowing when to switch can be tricky as there are several factors to consider. Most will drag their heels because of the cost involved but there will be a point when AC replacement is the financially sensible option. These questions should help you decide:

Is it more than a decade old?

Think about when you had the current system installed. There have been a lot of developments in terms of technology within the last few years. If your unit is at least a decade old, then it may be time to start shopping for something a little bit better. The latest models have fantastic features that can make operation much easier such as automated thermostats with programmable functions. They also use a more environment-friendly coolant which is now the industry standard.

Is it costing a lot in repairs?

Wear and tear hits every piece of machine as they age, air conditioners included. The years will take their toll on the various components making it difficult to function as they did when they were first installed. The noise emitted will become louder. The thermostat will not be as reliable. Parts may break down and require servicing. The repairs can cost thousands of dollars per issue. If this keeps happening, then the cost of keeping the unit going may be too much to bear. An AC replacement to start fresh makes much more sense.

Is the energy bill unreasonably high?

One consequence of aging is a continuing decrease in efficiency. The unit has a harder time cooling the room, requiring more energy to do its job. The higher consumption results in higher bills. When it gets unreasonably high, it’s probably better for the unit to retire.

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