Air Conditioner Repair Hoschton GA

Fast Air Conditioner Repair Hoschton GA

A good quality air conditioner can certainly help keep your home comfortable while minimizing the need for repairs and service; however, even the very best cooling system is going to need occasional air conditioner repair Hoschton GA.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

  • A frozen coil — this is a problem that can often be handled by the homeowner. It is typically caused by a problem with airflow. For example, a dirty air filter or blocked vents can lead to ice forming on your air conditioner’s coil. Simply change the filter or move items away from vents to provide better air circulation.
  • Outside unit not working — check to make sure the unit is getting power. If it has power, the problem might be a faulty thermostat or contractor problem.
  • Low Refrigerant — refrigerant is needed in order for your air conditioner to be able to cool the air in your home. If your cooling system needs refrigerant, one of the experienced service technicians at A/C Solutions Inc. will find the leak before recharging your system.
  • Faulty Wiring — poor wiring can be a safety risk; it can also result in your air conditioner not starting or it could cause it to frequently trip the circuit. At A/C Solutions Inc., we have expert repair technicians who can repair the problem so you have safe, reliable cooling.

A/C Solutions Inc. can Help Solve Your Air Conditioning Problems

Whether your air conditioner keeps freezing or it won’t even turn on, A/C Solutions Inc. can help. We know that summers in Georgia can be hot and humid, so we work hard to provide fast air conditioner repair Hoschton GA. As a leading cooling company, we’ve built our reputation by providing fast, professional service for homeowners in Hoschton and the surrounding area.

When you need air conditioner repair or installation of new HVAC equipment, give A/C Solutions Inc. a call today. We’ll make a convenient appointment for you, and will fix your air conditioning problems in a hurry.