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Heater Tune-Up Heater Tune-Up in Buford, Gainesville, Braselton, GA and Surrounding Areas.

Heater Tune-Up in Buford, GAThe north is known for its bouts with blizzards during the dark months of the year. However, southern climates also can feel the wrath of winter as temperatures frequently can dip well below zero and rain can turn to sleet, snow, and ice. To make sure your home with being a warm and comfortable refuge, experts suggest getting an annual heater tune-up.

Regardless of whether you heat your home with a furnace or a heat pump, annual maintenance is needed to ensure that your system will run efficiently and save you money on energy costs over time. Service checkups also can lengthen the useful life of your unit, saving on expensive replacements.

Trained HVAC Technicians

Trained, licensed, and experienced HVAC technicians, such as those at A/C Solutions Heating & Cooling, are capable of handling the maintenance of any type of heating system. The best time to call for a heating inspection and tune-up is in the fall before you need to depend on the system for your winter comfort.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Because a heat pump is used to provide both heating and cooling, a tune-up in the fall is similar to the one you may get in the spring. A technician will check the functioning of the system and diagnose any problems. They also will thoroughly clean the system, lubricate the motors, check belts for wear, and measure the refrigerant levels. Too little refrigerant can cause parts to freeze up during the cold months, which could seriously damage the unit.

The tune-up also should include cleaning the outdoor condenser coil and fins as well as the evaporator coil. A good technician will see if the thermostat is accurate and if there are any leaks in the duct system.

Furnace Maintenance

Furnaces require many similar checks to assure they are proper operation. They also will need to have the pilot light and ignition looked at, where applicable, and have the safety systems checked. There should be no gas leaks if gas is used. Otherwise, the winter heater tune-up will involve inspecting and cleaning the blower compartment, the condensate drain, and burner combustion connections.

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